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About The Scholars Club

Established in 2022, in Canada; we aim to offer what our competitors can’t provide. We let the students find a private tutor based on different criteria like education, charge, teaching mode, feedback, recommendations, etc.

As a learner, you can create a job post based on the aid you need. With this, we removed the tedious work of searching for the right scholar from your shoulders. Instead of you searching for someone to train you, an expert will reach you.

Our portal has a wide range of tutors willing to extend their support online or offline at your convenience. Also, you get to select from a range of academic disciplines right from calculus to political affairs. Select the subject and the level you are looking for and create a job! That’s it. You are good to go.

How do we differ from the other average tuition agency:

  • Create a job posting based on the help you need.
  • You hold the full right to choose the best suitable scholar.
  • Contact the scholar directly with no charges.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Prompt customer satisfaction team.
  • A secure forum to engage in discussion with fellow students and scholars.

We aren’t just a tech platform but a knowledge community.

We give a platform for the students to learn and scholars to earn. We bring the curious minds of students and abled scholars together to grow together.
We are a combination of passion for knowledge and a relentless learning quest built on a cutting-edge digital experience.

A story of one - A solution to many!

Expensive tuition fees, heavy backpacks & crowded batches- an everyday scene at a tutoring class. Imagine a student who walks into tuition with hopes of getting that extra help, just to be left lost in the crowd.

The same was the case with the young Aliakbar Baldiwala, during his high school education. Things remained the same when he was seeking guidance for his research thesis during his time at the University of Ottawa. Being a teaching assistant, his tutoring skills were quite popular and the students used to approach him to clarify their doubts.

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He got his eureka moment when he realized that the secret ingredient of great tutoring is effective access to the right scholar at the right time. And that eureka moment became the vision to build- THE SCHOLARS CLUB. A ray of hope that brings the high credential scholars and the eager learners together.

Mr Aliakbar believes that the average student juggles between half a dozen classes, a variety of extracurricular activities, and perhaps a part-time job. If educational resources and help are easily accessible via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they can benefit tremendously.

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