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It’s a simple solution, but always overlooked!


While we bridge the gap between education and the environment, we also bridge the gap between your doubts about The Scholars Club.

The Scholars Club is a find-your-own-Scholar service to allow its patrons the freedom to browse all available Scholars at their own leisure, and to incorporate a feedback system which allows prospective students to view the previous feedback a tutor has received, and use this information to make their selection. This system also works to the advantage of the Scholars, as positive reviews can be used to enhance your online Scholar profile. On top of that, Learners will be able to create Jobs based on the help they need. Thus, Removing the tedious work of learner for searching the correct scholars, Instead the Scholars with the right Expertise will present themselves and apply to the learners Job. The range of information we make available upfront makes The Scholars Club unique.

The most obvious difference is the flexibility That The Scholars Club offers to its Users. Our website and App is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so our facilities are available to help you find a Scholar whenever it is most convenient for you! The Scholars Club is therefore a more efficient option than using tuition agencies, as there is no need to wait for the agency to contact Scholars on your behalf; our system allows you to contact the Scholars directly to ask any questions you may have.

Unlike using an agency, all the facilities that are offered to our user’s are free of charge, Agencies often charge not only for finding you a Scholar but will add a supplementary fee to every hour of tuition given. Thus, The Scholars Club offers a cheaper and more convenient method of finding a Scholar then using an agency, as you will only pay for the lessons provided at the rate quoted by your selected Scholar.

We certainly do! For students or tutors experiencing technical problems, our ONLINE SUPPORT FORM allows you to contact us directly. Please send us a message and we will try our best to provide the necessary support as soon as we can.

The only prerequisite to provide tuition is a thorough knowledge of the subject(s) you are offering to tutor. Many Students find official qualifications appealing, but they are by no means essential. Patrons vary in what they look for in a Scholar; some prefer experience; others may favor academic attainment; some clients regard personality and attitude as the most important characteristics in a Scholar.

We do not. All the Scholars you find on The Scholars Club are self-employed.

For this information please check the terms of your student / study visa to ensure you are allowed to work on a self-employed.

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