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Scholars Corner

The Scholars Club- as the name suggests, it’s a club for scholars to come together to make an academic impact. The ambition behind this idea is to give a platform for people with expertise in any field & the willingness to share their knowledge to help the learners grow. With the huge number of eager learners, make an impact on their learning.

You don’t just teach
You Inspire

Are you the one who wants to make an impact on someone’s life by sharing your expertise? Do you want to be someone who can mentor Gen-Z & shape their future for the better?

Are you someone who knows how to simplify teaching and wants to inspire and loves to encourage?

If you are, then why not join The Scholars Club and bring a ray of betterment to the student’s life?

Let's join hands to break the barriers of miles

Join The Scholars Club to access not only the facilities to create a free profile to share your expertise, but also to have an access to blogs and pages of free advice and information to help you make your venture into the field of tutoring a success!

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At The Scholars Club, you will not only be able to connect with other scholars in your field, but also will be able to create a discussion club with all the like-minded people from various fields of your interest.

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Why The Scholars Club For a Scholar?

Become a part of the next-gen educational social networking site.

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Earn Extra Money

Cash in on your expertise: Miles and miles away, students are looking for qualified educators like you. Convert your knowledge into money and make an extra income or a full-time career as a tutor.

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Work As per Convenience

Plan your preference: Students can be miles away or minute away. Apply to the job post which suits your schedule. Connect with students virtually or physically, as per the convenience of both parties.

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Make a Difference

Preach a difference: Help the students to nurture their competency in the solace of their time without any interference. Being a skilled online scholar, support the students in developing effective study skills and ignite their passion for learning.

Start your Journey with
The Scholars Club

Accelerate your teaching abilities by educating many enthusiasts from the comfort of your choice.

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Benefits for Scholars / Tutors

  • Become a Scholar and earn between $20 and $50 per hour
  • Earn with flexible working hours
  • 1000’s of potential students
  • Bid your best price
  • Set your hours and be your own boss
  • Get Started in Minutes
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